Romell Foster says he’s not used to seeing homeless people. The Alabama resident who grew up in The Insite’s hometown of Baton Rouge, La. had limited exposure with the growing population. Anyway, Foster was approached by a homeless man as he was entering a local restaurant. The man wanted money but Romell offered to bring him food after leaving the restaurant. Foster told the waitress he needed a to-go box because he was going to take the homeless guy some food. The waitress then asked where he was from. Foster told her Louisiana. She said she knew he wasn’t from Atlanta because individuals feeding the homeless in the ATL is like so last year. Anyway, Foster made good on his promise. He and former Insite columnist Michael Gildon dropped off some hot chicken wings to the homeless guy. The only problem the original homeless guy had moved on. They had to settle for another transient who took his place on the stoop on Peachtree street. Do you still give to the homeless? The Insite would like to hear your opinion!

Note: A recent study shows Atlanta and surrounding areas have a homeless population of 6800. Federal stats show the entire state’s transient population may be more than 27,000!