You can just look at Houston Fire Department Chief Phil Boriskie and realize he’s not a politician or someone who wants to be the boss. But somehow he has managed to do it well. When he was appointed head honcho at the fire department almost 4 years ago – the rank and file cheered. They said he was one of them. Several years later they’re still saying the same thing. Besides a few run ins with the Black Fire Fighter’s Association, Borisikie has remained extremely popular with his department. The Insite ran into him Thursday. And if you know Phil Boriskie, you know he likes to talk. He admits to being shy before a news camera but if it’s just you and him – the man will talk. I asked him what was he most proud of since taking the helm of the department 4 years ago. He rattled off a list of 7 items. He calls them the 7 deadly sins. But he went into so much detail I don’t think we ever got to the end of the list. One can tell from his enthusiasm he’s having the time of his life. He glows when he talks about the department. On the list of his accomplishments is the number of paramedics and E-M-T’s he’s being able to produce for the department. He also says his goal is to come up with a satisfying and fair contract for his men with the city. He wasn’t quite done. The chief said he’s been able to get $7 million dollars in grants for the department while also capturing dozens of free auto pulse machines. They’re automated devices that can do CPR on Houstonians who need it. The retail value is about $10,000 each for the apparatus. Boriskie was able to get the manufacturer to give them to the Houston Fire Department absolutely free. His subordinates who greet him like an old friend during our conversation said of the auto pulse machines, “Houston is the best place to have a heart attack.” Boriskie then began talking about other new things in the department but my phone rang. I had an interview with his assistant chief at HFD headquarters. Boriskie told the Insite to come back anytime if I wanted to hear more. I think I will take him up on his offer. Hey Chief, thanks for dropping by the Insite!