HCSO Vice Division Conducts Raid in Response to Citizen Complaints!

On Thursday, May 29, 2008, the Harris County Sheriff’s Office Vice Division conducted a raid on the St. James Cabaret located at 555 Rankin Rd. The business had been the subject of numerous recent complaints from citizens concerned about possible prostitution, narcotics violations and violations of SOB regulations. In response to the complaints, the Sheriff’s Office’s Vice Division conducted a brief investigation during the past week. As a result of that investigation, Vice investigators filed 14 charges against employees of the St. James Cabaret, primarily for violations of SOB regulations and prostitution. Investigators had also discovered 18 outstanding warrants for employees of the business, most of which were for Class C Misdemeanors, such as traffic offenses.

During the raid of the business, which began at approximately 1:00 pm, Sheriff’s Deputies sought to execute the above warrants, and were prepared to file additional charges if any additional violations were observed. During the raid, Sheriff’s Deputies arrested the following people:

  1. Nava, Roxann W/F, DOB 08/12/86 – SOB Charge
  2. Green, Casey W/F, DOB 03/29/89 – SOB Charge
  3. Redmond, Tierra W/F, DOB 11/23/88 – SOB Charge
  4. Mesa, Jessica W/F, DOB 02/10/84 -SOB Charge
  5. Herrera, Katherine W/F, DOB 12/27/87 – SOB Charge
  6. Bautista, Jenny W/F, DOB 01/14/72 – Prostitution Warrant and SOB Charge
  7. Cox, Samantha W/F, DOB 05/06/87 – SOB Charge

    8. Felipe, Imelda W/F, DOB 08/12/84 – SOB Charge, Two Traffic Warrants

    9. Alba, Miranda W/F, DOB 11/03/86 – SOB Charge

    10. Gates, Esmeralda W/F, DOB 02/21/71 – SOB Charge

    11. Perez, Estrella W/F, DOB 12/18/88 – SOB Charge

    12. Young, Naomi B/F, DOB 05/08/79 – Three Traffic Warrants

    13. Banks, Lashonda B/F, DOB 09/11/83 – One Traffic Warrant

    14. Munoz, Celina W/F, DOB 12/22/78 – One Traffic Warrant

    15. Salazar, Sergio W/M, DOB 01/14/83 – Pasadena Municipal Warrant

    16. Campbell, Jennifer W/F, DOB 09/06/84 – One Traffic Warrant

    17. Gaona, Jackie W/F, DOB 07/22/89 – One Class C Warrant

    18. Tuyet, Tran A/F, Possession of Cocaine 5.6 grams

Sheriff’s Investigators still have several outstanding warrants that they were not able to execute during this raid as the suspects were not present at the time.

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  1. Mike Sobel May 1, 2013 10:54 pm 

    You need to raid the club next to them. The Houston Dolls Cabaret has on-going prostitution and drug traffic. If you want to get laid and need a hit you can get it all there. A bad way to represent the city with such a bad environment. They need some classy girls there.

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