Planned Parenthood’s mission to make sure all women have access to affordable health care may soon be spreading to The Woodlands.

The agency is considering planting a small clinic in The Woodlands, one of several suburban areas under consideration, once it completes the relocation of its flagship location in Houston, said Laura Leon, Planned Parenthood spokeswoman.

“It’s a site under consideration,” she said. “It’s one of many different areas under consideration. … In the future, we will be opening small health care clinics in the outskirts of Houston, including possibly The Woodlands.”

Growing populations and the need to serve the health care needs of the community are deciding factors in choosing future locations, Leon said.

The future suburban clinics would be similar to the FM 1960 location, which sees nearly 750 clients a month and offers wellness exams, sexually transmitted disease testing and treatment and contraception and birth control, Leon said.

While Leon said the nonprofit has received mostly positive feedback about the prospect of a Woodlands location, not everyone is pleased with the idea, such as the local pro-life organization Montgomery County Right to Life.

“The culture of death is about to reach our county in a much bigger way,” Dr. Joe Morrison, MCRTL president and a family practitioner, wrote in an e-mail to MCRTL members. “Behind the flowery front and under the guise of reproductive ‘health,’ this clinic, like the one in north Houston and Huntsville, will serve to feed abortions into the Fannin abortion center and then into the massive facility (ambulatory surgery center) soon to be finished, where even later term infants can be killed.