Some Houston Police Officers from HPD’s Marshal’s Division claim they’re being discriminated against because they’re Hispanic and Black. They made the allegations to the Insite in this email. Now, while the email is anonymous I know who wrote it. They feared retaliation on the job and so they chose to conceal their identity. The Insite sent a request to HPD for a response. I was told they’d try to have a statement by Wednesday but so far that hasn’t happened. So with 24 hours on the clock here is the allegations from the Houston officers who say they’re getting the shaft because of their skin color…Read and respond appropriately:

The Email of alleged racism:

I am writing to advise you how the officers from the Houston Police Departments Marshal’s Div. were discriminated against. About 65% of the officers from the Marshal’s division are minority. We were advised by Assistant Chief King that we were going to be disbanded back in December during our Christmas party. Assistant Chief King then advised us to find our own home where we would like to get transferred to and offered us the option to get additional training in other fields,and also promised us a list of all the openings in the department. Needless to say we never did get a list of all of the openings within the department, but the officers from the jail division who the majority were Anglo race did get a list of all of the openings in the Houston Police department 2-3 weeks in advance before they were transferred from the jail to patrol. We at the Marshal’s Division again met with Assistant Chief King at our office where again she promised us a list and again advised us to find a home. Assistant Chief King nor her office after our last meeting never again mention to us when the disbandment would occur. The officers who did find a home and followed Assistant Chief King’s advised were not able to transfer to patrol like advised and are now being involuntary transferred to a patrol station of the police departments choosing and not our own. We had no choice but to pick from a very limited list offered to us by the Department. It saddens me how the Houston Police Department could treat some of their veteran officers without any kind of respect to them and their families. We now have to change our entire lives around due to the change especially since the majority will now loose there weekends off and have to start over with days off during the week where they would have to spend quality time with their kids during school days to where they use to spend their entire weekend with the family. But like Assistant Chief King stated the department only promised you a paycheck and two days off. What a statement from one of our leaders. Just as a side note, after she told us at our party that we were going to be disbanded the majority of the officers were black officers. After the meeting all of the officers including the Anglo officers got together and talked about the disbandment. Some of the Anglo officers along with the other officers picked up on how Assistant Chief King was talking down to the minority officers and basically calling them lazy.

Anonymous Houston Police Officer