The Republican party has apparently lost control of the message they wanted to send during their convention this week in Minneapolis. This came after Senator John McCain picked Alaska Governor Sarah Palin. The point is not that she was a bad pick, Palin just came with some social baggage in the form of a 17 year old daughter who was not married and pregnant. In the real world that is not a big deal. In hometown USA that’s not a big deal. Probably in Alaska that’s not a big deal. There are thousands of women who intentionally get pregnant and choose not to get married. It’s no big deal. However, in a political party where American values is the platform then it becomes a problem. In a political party where an unwed mother is almost a dirty word then it becomes a problem. In a party where the Presidential candidate (McCain) voted against $100 million in funding for teen pregnancy education then it is a problem. So now the Republicans have turned to attacking the news media. It’s the same party where some of their biggest media cheerleaders attacked Obama’s 10 year old daughter for wearing a so called ‘spaghetti strap’ dress. Where was the outrage then? What’s clear is when Conservatives get into trouble they tend to blame the news media. It also helps to unite them together when they move in for their concerted effort to divert attention away from the unwanted issue. So that leads me to the Insite question of the day: Is the news media wrong for reporting Palin’s 17 year old daughter is pregnant and not married? I think children should not be brought into adult politics but as Insite readers USA 1 and Steve wrote several days ago on the blog, if you don’t want your children to be targets, don’t parade them out in front of cameras. Also, do you think there was a backroom meeting with members of the media to go after Governor Palin’s daughter? The Insite would love to hear your opinion on this issue!