From the Houston Chronicle:

Houston loves the Knowles family.

Or, at the very least the city should be supportive, according to Mathew Knowles.

Papa Knowles called KRBE (104.1 FM) radio’s Roula & Ryan Show today to call out on-air personality Special K for referring to daughter Solange as a diva and a “B.”

This crazy spat started when Solange heard Las Vegas anchors talking off the air before she appeared on their morning show Aug. 27. The anchors evidently said something about quizzing Solange about the closing of the 40/40 Club in Las Vegas, which is owned by Jay-Z, who is married to Solange’s more famous sister BeyoncĂ©.

When Solange came on-air after the usual innocuous, bouncy intro to plug her new album, Sol-Angel & the Hadley St. Dreams, she said: “I have to say that was not a very professional introduction before.
Please don’t tie me into family.”

Solange looked pissed. The anchorwoman looked confused. The audience was clueless.

The clip of the dopey exchange became a YouTube favorite.

Solange’ own “setting the record straight” video made it to YouTube.
Standing on a stage, Solange says she felt very disrespected and offended. She also said she is disappointed in the level for journalism right now, excited by the Democratic convention and to buy her new album. You can also find a “leave Solange alone” video on the site, made by a funny guy with a foul mouth.

The KRBE morning-show crew was among the thousands who saw the TV video clip and added their comments.

Special K’s irreverent remarks about Solange’s diva attitude got back to Papa Knowles, who called the show. Knowles told Special K that for someone living in Houston, “You are talking a lot of smack, sir.”

The DJs giggled.

Knowles said it’s not just about defending his family, he said he would have called up about any of his recording artists. “You guys think it’s a dad thing, but for me it’s also a manager and respect thing in the industry,” Knowles told the radio audience.

“I think that for what my family does for the city of Houston I expect one city to be very supportive of my family because we give and we give and we give to the city of Houston.”

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