For Immediate Release:

– Bookman gets Booked-

Houston, TX. – Houston wannabe record mogul Ronald ‘Ronnie’ Bookman is in trouble with the law again. The owner of Studio 7303 was booked into Harris County Jail on November 7th. Bookman was slapped with a Felony Offense accusing him of Submitting False Statements to Obtain Credit, while filing for Bankruptcy on the same property Studio 7303. As a result of a criminal record as long as I-10 and these latest charges, Mr. Bookman could find himself behind bars from 5 years to life. It could be an end to his long fabled claims of running Houston’s biggest record label and most prominent recording studio.

Bookman is no stranger to the legal system in the city of Houston. It was back in 2007 when he filed a frivolous lawsuit and leveled libelous criminal allegation against well known Houston businessman and Rap-A-Lot CEO James Prince. Prince was victorious after his attorney Kent Shaffer had all charges dropped brought on by Bookman. During the height of media coverage last year Mr. Prince said, “if anyone with good sense would pull this guy Ronnie Bookman’s record, they would see how bad his credibility stinks.”

Bookman is set to be in court on his latest round of charges in December. He will once again have to face the same judicial system he tried to manipulate just one short year ago.

Just like the financial collapse on Wall Street, Ronnie Bookman is facing a credibility crunch at 7303 Main Street. The only difference is there are no bailouts coming from Congress or the Feds to help him escape from this widening black hole of criminal activity.

Note: The Insite has not been able to reach Mr. Bookman or his attorney about the criminal charge!