To help those affected by Hurricane Ike and raise funds for Mayor Bill White’s Gulf Coast Ike Relief Fund, the “Music Re-Builds Tour” Houston concert featuring Christian artists Third Day, Switchfoot and Robert Randolph & the Family Band will be re-broadcast Friday, November 14th at 7 p.m. (CST) on HTV, HCCTV and Comcast (CH 76) as well as via webstream from www.ksbj.org. Following the successful live performance at the Berry Center on October 3, the concert broadcast will encourage viewers and listeners to help those in need by calling 713-276-3901, visiting www.ksbj.org and mailing a donation to the Gulf Coast Ike Relief Fund, c/o The Greater Houston Community Foundation, 4550 Post Oak Place, Suite 100, Houston, TX 77027.

“We are grateful for the efforts of KSBJ Special Events and for the support of Red Light Management and bands of the ‘Music Re-Builds Tour’,” says Mayor Bill White. “Rebuilding the Gulf Coast region depends on the financial stability of the established non-profit organizations that provide immediate and long-term relief to our communities. All of the funds generated will provide a solid platform for localized recovery from this devastating storm.”

The televised broadcast, produced by HTV Houston and HCCTV, offers a hopeful message from Mayor Bill White along with an evening of live Contemporary Christian music, testimonies from relief organizations and messages of support from Houston celebrities such as the Astros and Houston Texans.

“The Music Re-Builds benefit concert in Houston is taking on new meaning as all the bands involved are eager to help those who suffered from Hurricane Ike by raising funds for the relief effort. We are grateful for the opportunity to do something much bigger than rock and roll, to partner with Houston music fans to make a difference in the community,” said Chad Butler with Switchfoot.

“The people of Houston showed incredible generosity in their support for the victims of Hurricane Katrina. It is an honor to do all we can to help the City of Houston in their hour of need,” commented Tai Anderson from Third Day.

“KSBJ is all about connecting people, and I can’t think of a more powerful demonstration of unity than what we can do through this event,” says Tim McDermott, President and General Manager of 89.3 KSBJ. “Even through all this loss, I believe that greater days are ahead for Houston. We will rebuild and we will be stronger together.”

KSBJ Special Events, the live-music ministry of 89.3 KSBJ, aims to provide viewers and listeners with more than just a concert by creating an event WHERE MUSIC COMES ALIVE, and in this case, WHERE MUSIC RE-BUILDS!