It was very tense at FOX 26 in Houston Wednesday morning. When I walked into the newsroom people had that look on their face. One of my managers asked me if I’d seen Kristine Galvan’s car in the parking lot. I didn’t. Then I was told Kristine was suppose to be at work at 8:30 am and she never showed up. When I arrived it was getting closer to 10 am and everyone was very nervous and concerned. One of our managers even called Galvan’s new husband Aaron Scott at his job. He told us he saw her go off to work after they left the Range Rover dealership that morning. So, Damali Keith got on the phone and called her contacts at the dealership where she also purchased her car. The situation was getting dire now in our minds when a worker at the dealership said he hadn’t seen Kristine all morning. Later one of our photographer who lives in Fort Bend County was told to drive along highway 59 and the service roads to see if he could spot Kristine or her Range Rover. I even got on my phone and called her cell phone twice and didn’t get an answer. At about 10:15 am we got a call. Who was it? Kristine. She was down the very long hall in the FOX studios in one of the many dressing rooms getting tested for her new High Definition make-up. People were p-o’d and happy at the same time. She told us she left her cell phone at home by mistake, parked her vehicle in the front of the building, and she thought everyone knew she was in the make-up session. What a scare but we’re glad she’s safe!