I’m going on the record now to say I will never ride Amtrak again. The antiquated train system is horrible at least from my perspective. When I attended the inauguration in Wahsington this week I flew to Philly and had to take a train to DC. I decided to take Amtrak. It was mistake number one. At each train station there appear to be different rules. At Union station in DC they check your bags. At the 30th Street station in Philly they told me they didn’t. But on that first ride from Pennsylvania to the District the train I was on actually broke down. The conductor told all of the passengers they couldn’t get the engine started. We were stuck between Delaware and Maryland. It took about 20 minutes before we started moving again. That put us behind schedule. Then on my trip from DC back to Philly the train broke again. We waited in Union station for an extra hour before the train arrived then they had to find another engine. Not one sitting their waiting to be traded out but actually find one. That was an extra 20 minutes which caused me to miss my flight from Philly back to Houston on Wednesday. I can’t believe just how unreliable Amtrak has become. The system needs to be updated or just shut down!