The Insite received a call late Monday afternoon from the campaign manager of Houston Mayor Bill White. Mustapha Tameez apparently wanted to set the record straight about the controversial newspaper ad that appeared in the Houston Defender recently. The ad places Mayor Bill White in the middle of Dr. Martin Luther King and President Barack Obama. The ad has drawn a lot of attention since it hit news stands. Some questioned why Mayor White approved such an ad essentially comparing himself or elevating his status to that of the two historical African Americans. However, Tameez tells the Insite while the Mayor’s campaign did pay for the advertisement they did not approve the layout that places Mayor White in the middle. Tameez says their campaign bought space in several local African American publications and left it up to the papers to draft the actual ad. He went on to say if they knew what the Houston Defender was going to put out on the streets they would have come up with another concept. But it gets better. So, the Insite decided to call the Houston Defender to get their response. Sonny Messiah Jiles, the publisher of the Defender, says while they did come up with the concept Mayor White’s campaign did approve it before it was released to the public. You’ll remember Mr. Tameez says they did not approve the ad. Jiles went on to tell the Insite the ad was not designed to portray Mayor White as an equal with the two men. She says it was a tribute and White was in the middle solely based on the three figures place in time. In other words, Dr. King came first, Bill White became high profile in Houston second and Barack Obama was elected to the President last. Jiles also stands by her position that the ad was approved by Mayor White’s campaign staff. What do you believe?