The Insite hears there’s been some backlash for the officer in training who reported the alleged threatening jokes by some fellow Houston police officers. Those jokes reportedly targeted President Barack Obama. (See Original Post Below) That officer has allegedly been labeled a snitch in the Northeast Precinct where the incident took place according to my sources. In fact, I’m told some veteran officers have refused to work with the officer in training who blew the whistle. I’ve also learned the names of the officers who allegedly told the jokes but it won’t do me any good. I’m told by a spokesman for HPD because the officers are not relieved of duty the department can’t give me the status of the internal probe. The public information officer says it’s part of due process.

Question: Should the HPD officer be shunned and labeled a snitch for their actions or commended for coming forward with the threatening jokes?

Original post:

The Insite hears at least two possibly four Houston police officers are facing an internal investigation for bad jokes. That’s right jokes. Those officers are accused of making those jokes about President Barack Obama. Here’s what the Insite hears: The officers were having lunch when one said they should hang then President Elect Barack Obama. The second officer allegedly said well since he’s not President yet we should just shoot him. Then one of the officers said let’s just gut him. Now you see why these officers are under investigation. An officer in triaining allegedly turned in the veteran cops who made the joke. The Insite has heard from several sources in the department who are angry the officers have not been taken off the streets while the probe is underway. One source says a public servant shouldn’t be joking like this about the President. That person went on to say especially if that public servant is a police officer. Another source at the department is also upset the officers have not been taken off the streets during the probe. The Insite has not heard anything from HPD’s top brass on this issue as of yet. What do you think about the HPD cops little joke time?