The Kickstart Program Karate instructor at HISD’s Hamilton Middle School, Jason Holmes has won his third straight World Championship, winning the 2008 Light Middle Weight Sparring World title. Holmes attended the Super Grand World Games in Sacramento, California in late December to defend his back-to-back world titles.

“Many competitors from all over the world including Ireland, Jamaica, Canada, Europe, Mexico and the US were gunning for me. My final match was against a Guatemalan — it was a lot of fun and I ended up winning my third title in a row,” Holmes recounts.

Holmes has been involved in the martial arts for 22 years, starting when he was just four years old. He is a fifth degree Black Belt in Hawaiian Japanese Kenpo which he learned from his early training in Los Angeles, California where he grew up. He attributes his eight first place NBL world titles, plus an additional 17 second and third place trophies to his naturally competitive spirit.

Hamilton MS was one of the organization’s first programs in the public schools since it began in 1992. Currently, the Hamilton program trains more than 230 students at multiple belt levels through the course of the school day. The students enter the program in sixth grade as white belts and leave in 8th grade as red belts.

What’s next for this world champion? Currently, he is building his own karate school, Jdogs PKKA, in the West Little York area where he trains students from 4 years to 40. And, he looks forward to helping his students reach skill levels where they can experience the high energy of national and world competitions. Fifteen of his students have already traveled with him to the World Games and brought home numerous world titles.

“I want to help these kids become world champions too,” Holmes exclaims. “I feel like I’m a positive role model at a critical time in their lives, and I’m OK with that. While I’m not perfect, I know that as long as I do my best, we’ll all be winners.”