We all know just how financially difficult the year 2009 has been.  Cursed by a cataclysmic economic downturn many American owned businesses are struggling to survive.  

But if you turn on 97.9 The Box all you’ll hear are upbeat on air personalities.  You’d think the economy was doing great. The disc jockeys and personalities have one goal in mind, to keep you listening and laughing.  Behind all the smiling faces and jokes is serious pain.  Stressful pain felt by the employees of Houston’s #1 hip hop radio station.  
The Insite had a chance to sit down with Box morning guy Madd Hatta.  He says no one is interested in what goes on behind the scenes but I beg to differ.  What goes on behind the scenes at the radio station is what I call sacrificial entertainment.  More than 100 employees of the radio station have endured tremendous sacrifices to keep their listeners entertained.  
The Insite has learned the workers at the Box have taken pay cuts.  Some of their hours have been scaled back.  Others are working an additional day like Hatta.  
Sitting behind his brown tinted sunglasses he says it’s what they have to do to survive in the tough economic climate.  The Box is owned by Radio One.  It’s a company that has over 60 radio stations around the country and as a result of the economy many of their properties are struggling.  Hatta is quite aware of the that.  The morning show personality knows if there aren’t sacrifices his show and the jobs of others could disappear.  
Hatta says he and many of the staffers decided to accept the cuts and make the adjustments to stop the hemorrhaging.  He says lots of people were being laid off by the company.  A trend many media outlets and broadcast properties are experiencing.  
So, the next time you tune into the Box remember the sacrifice those on air personalities are making to keep you smiling on your way to work!