Beginning October 29 and 30, citizens who need to re-instate their driver license or get a copy of their driver record must submit their required documentation online or via federal mail, rather than at DPS offices. With this change, DPS employees will be able to focus on reducing wait times in Driver License offices.

Driver license re-instatement is necessary if a driver has had their license suspended or revoked, which may occur due to a number of reasons, such as receiving a DWI conviction, driving without liability insurance or failure to pay child support.

Customers who need to reinstate their licenses or receive their driver record for court dates must go to, the DPS Web site or conduct their business via the federal mail.

The elimination of these services at Driver License offices will not change the processing time for driver records or driver license re-instatement, which will remain at seven to 10 business days. However, customers should submit their paperwork in a timely fashion and keep a copy of the paperwork they have submitted.

Three of the Driver License offices in the state currently provide driver records and re-instatement services, and they will all remain open for other driver license transactions. Those offices, in Garland, Houston (on Gessner) and San Antonio (at Universal City) will no longer conduct these services beginning October 30. The fourth office in Austin (on Denson) will cease providing driver records and reinstating driver licenses on October 29.

Commercial Drivers

The Austin Denson office will re-open on November 2, serving as a commercial driver license written and practical testing facility only. Commercial driver testing currently administered in Austin (North Lamar, South Congress and Northwest), San Marcos and Georgetown will be conducted at the Austin Denson office.

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