Press Release: You may have heard about the latest round of attacks in the mayoral race by Dr. Steven Hotze and his political operative Allen Blakemore. I cannot believe that Gene Locke would associate himself with Hotze, Blakemore and other peddlers of hateful bigotry in Houston.

I’ve known Gene a long time, and I believe him when he says he’s not trying to be divisive. However, it’s important to see the kind of filth that has come from the people behind the latest attacks in the mayoral race. Blakemore’ hate mongering campaign tactics have been widespread in our city and no candidate for office should associate themselves with him. People need to know about the kind of divisive, bigoted filth that has been developed by Allen Blakemore, and know he’s behind these new attacks.

In the run up to the November 2008 elections, Allan Blakemore sent out a direct mail piece attacking a white Democratic state House candidate with darkened and ominous images attempting to evoke a response of fear and hate. Images of black and Hispanic lawmakers (including myself, Rep. Harold Dutton, Senator Mario Gallegos and President Barack Obama), several black birds resembling crows surrounded a darkened black and white picture of the Anglo Democratic candidate. The tag lines read: “Birds of a feather flock together” and “Bad Company Corrupts Good Character” (see images & article below). The same controversial direct mail piece was used in 2003 against then City Council candidate MJ Khan. Both times, the pieces were roundly denounced by various individuals and groups as racebaiting.

Year after year, Hotze and his consultant Blakemore resort to the lowest forms of hate-based campaigning. I have great respect for Gene, who has spent decades fighting against these types of divisive, hateful attacks. However, he needs to disassociate himself immediately with the likes of Steven Hotze and Allen Blakemore.

Click here to view a pdf of the piece, or scroll down. The 2008 piece featured darkened black and white photographs of Democratic candidate Joel Redmond, State Senator Mario Gallegos, Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, Representatives Harold Dutton and Mario Gallegos, and President Barack Obama.

The 2003 piece featured darkened black and white photographs of Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee, former Congressman Craig T. Washington, former Councilman Ernest McGowen, State Rep. Sylvester Turner and former Councilman Gordon Quan.

Garnet Coleman

State Representative

(D) Houston, TX