I think I’ve officially had enough of the Mayor’s race in Houston. Why? These silly press releases sent out by the campaigns that simply don’t mean a thing to the general public. They are non-stop on a daily basis between the Mayoral candidates.

For many of the people who read the Insite and other blogs, they are very aware of the political arena. But most Houstonians really don’t care about the 5th grade like games. I think people are more concerned about a candidate who is going to make an impact with them in their communities. Will their trash be picked up? Will the property tax rate be reduced?

I really don’t think a lot of people care how many minorities Annise Parker didn’t hire or did hire at the Controller’s office. Or how many Blacks or minorities work at Gene Locke’s law firm.

The latest round of allegations involve a secret coordinated effort to get Gene Locke elected. Huh? If you have supporters of course there’s going to be a coordinated effort to get someone elected.

I think unless one of the candidates has some kind of sleazy sex shop in their past or they’re secretly in love with a dog people really don’t care about the petty issues that result in a dozen press releases each day.

The Insite is making a plea to the candidates to please focus on the issues that affect Houstonians. (By the way, I can’t vote for either one because i don’t live in Houston) The people don’t want to see the tit for tat bickering that has been going on. After all we all know it’s all a political game. Why should the candidates get people so angry and whipped up over issues that are meaningless. Just take Peter Brown and Annise Parker. Before the election they were at each others throat, now they’re best buddies with Brown heading to the polls on West Gray Friday morning to cast his vote for his new candidate of choice.

I know both candidates have significant experience and ideas they can share with the public. Why don’t they just do that?

Note: The Insite will no longer acccept press releases from the candidates except those focusing on the issues!