Press Release:

Noah’s Ark PAC

December 7, 2009
As part of the candidate screening process, Noah’s Ark PAC reviewed documents obtained from BARC through a public information request. The request was made for information regarding the surrendering of animals to BARC by each mayoral candidate.
According to BARC kennel cards, Annise Parker and her partner, Kathy Hubbard, have turned in several animals to BARC including a cat and three puppies (see attached). The kennel cards are for the relinquishing of animals that happened on April 29, 2005 and May 4, 2007–both turn-ins occurred after much media coverage during 2004 and 2005 regarding BARC’s astronomically high kill rate and deplorable conditions.
From the documents received, it appears that Parker and Hubbard’s dumping of three puppies in 2007 would have occurred after Parker had served on the Mayor’s Working Group for Animal Protection, a committee in which she was present for the sharing of disturbing information regarding the many problems at BARC.
Noah’s Ark PAC contacted Parker’s campaign regarding the matter and received the following statement:
Annise Parker and Kathy Hubbard rescue feral cats and either keep the ones who are tame or socialized or find homes for them. If they are feral, they turn them into BARC. Annise says the descriptions on the kennel cards should indicate the cats were feral. At this time, Annise and Kathy have three rescue cats, one rescue dog and two cats adopted from the SPCA as part of their family.

Parker’s statement is consistent with her responses to the Noah’s Ark PAC and No Kill Houston candidate questionnaires. Parker responded to the PAC’s questions by advocating for more “sweeps” of the Corridor of Cruelty, essentially calling for BARC to catch and kill more animals as a way to resolve the high incidents of homeless pets in the area. In her own words on No Kill Houston’s survey, Parker opposed trap-neuter-release programs for feral cats, opting instead for the city to continue its practice of catching and killing cats that otherwise could live outdoors without negatively impacting public health or taxpayer’s pocket books. It’s a practice she and her partner apparently take to heart.

After 12 years at city hall, Parker still just does not get it. Rescuing animals means bringing them into a home and saving their lives, not taking them to a shelter that has become a national embarrassment so that they can be killed. With all of the knowledge that Parker should have about BARC, it is unimaginable that she and her partner could continue to dump animals at BARC’s notoriously mismanaged and inhumane facility.

For Parker and Hubbard to consider their practice of dumping animals at BARC as a means of “rescue” is a slap in the face to the many Houstonians that sacrifice their financial and emotional well-being to secure loving, safe homes for homeless pets.

Noah’s Ark PAC calls on Parker and Hubbard to stop increasing the kill rate by dumping animals at BARC and encourages voters not to keep Parker at city hall where she will most certainly continue to help perpetuate BARC’s culture of cruelty.

Noah’s Ark PAC screens and endorses candidates for public office, promotes the accountability of elected officials and raises awareness of animal welfare issues.
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