If you didn’t read the Wednesday edition of the Houston Chronicle then you likely don’t know what the firestorm is about. That’s why the Insite is hear to give you the low down.

There was a cartoon that appeared in the editorial section of the Chron that has some African Americans on the radio and around the water cooler screaming foul.

It shows Mayoral candidate Gene Locke handcuffed and tucked in a bed with a White man. A bed that’s also covered with political contributions – cash money. The illustration has Locke saying he can explain why he was caught in this compromising position. That White man in the bed with Locke is Conservative activist Dr. Stephen Hotze.

The people the Insite talked with say the Chronicle is sending a subliminal message to voters in Houston. That message: Why is a Black Democrat aligning himself with a White Conservative in politics. They also say it sends a message of homosexuality by putting two men in one bed.

Dr. Hotze has made it clear he does not want Annise Parker as Mayor of Houston. In one of his mailers he tells his supporters Houston has to be saved from Godless people. Likely, Dr. Hotze’s idea of Godless people are homosexuals and supporters of the openly gay candidate for Mayor – Annise Parker.

But back to the cartoon. Some in the African American community say the Chronicle has endorsed Parker and this is their way of firing a political shot at her opponent. They also call the cartoon disrespectful and tasteless.

Locke’s campaign did not issue any statements on the matter Wednesday. The Insite called the Chronicle to see if management there was issuing any statements. I was told by a spokesperson, “not to her knowledge.”

What do you think about the cartoon and does it send a message in this hotly contested election?