The Insite received a call just before 10 this morning. It was Houston Conservative Republican Dr. Steven Hotze. We chatted for about 15 minutes on the phone. He wanted the Insite to correct an error he saw on the blog.

Hotze said he never said or wrote that openly gay Mayoral candidate Annise Parker was ‘Godless.’ Review of the Conservative Republicans of Harris County mail piece indicates that Dr. Hotze is correct. Dr. Hotze says he simply doesn’t agree with Parker’s politics.

The physician and political activist also says he also doesn’t agree with the homosexual lifestyle nor its political agenda. Hotze says he’s not quite sure why he should be considered the bad guy when he disagrees with another person’s political philosophy or lifestyle.

The father of 8 children and 13 grandchildren says he simply doesn’t agree with homosexuality and he doesn’t want his family exposedto it. Dr. Hotze also says he feels there is an agenda by the openly gay candidates who are vying for city offices in Houston. He says the details are in the numbers.

Hotze says he had his accountant go over the political contributions to Mayoral candidates Gene Locke and Annise Parker. He tells the Insite he uncovered a pattern. According to the Houstonian that pattern was found in the December reporting period. He says Parker had more than 700 donations from people and entities outside of Houston. That amount comes to more than $300,000.

Hotze says Locke only received political contributions from about 75 people or groups outside of Houston.

The Conservative tells the Insite it’s clear that others are pushing an agenda in Houston by their hundreds of thousands of dollars in contributions to Parker. Others who are not a part of this community. Hotze says that it is clear that their agenda is to promotehomosexuality. He says, “if we want to oppose it, somehow we’re the bad guys.

The Homosexual Agenda Submitted by Hotze:

  1. Mandate public acceptance of the homosexual activities.
  2. Teach homosexuality to school children, starting in kindergarten, as an acceptable, alternative lifestyle. This is known as multisexualism. This enables homosexuals to recruit children to their lifestyle.
  3. Adoption of children by homosexuals.
  4. Lower or remove age of consent laws leading to relaxation of laws prohibiting pedophilia. See www.nambla.org/
  5. Elevate homosexuals to a minority class, leading to affirmative action for homosexuals in the workplace. Cross dressers could force employers to accept their actions at work.
  6. Prohibit any speech which opposes homosexual activity. This would be considered “hate speech” and have criminal sanctions. This would destroy

    1st Amendment free speech rights for those who oppose homosexual conduct

    and the homosexual political movement.

  1. Require employee benefits to be provided to same sex partners.
  2. Legalize same sex marriage
  3. Elect candidates to office who will work to implement the homosexual agenda.

Note: The Insite sent a request to Parker’s campaign and the local Houston GLBT organization for a response to this post. It will be posted as soon as I receive it!