From E*Canada: Looks like the Tiger Woods empire may have a crack in it.

Earlier this week Gatorade announced they would no longer partner with the word’s great golfer — though they claimed the dcision was made before the car accident and subsiquent scandal.

Now, Swiss watchmaker Tag Heuer Says they are going yank ads featuring Woods.

Tag Heuer is pulling placards of Woods from all Australian jewellery stores, but the watchmaker says the move is not connected to Woods’ recent scandal involving extra-marital affairs, reports The Sydney Morning Herald.

Tag Heuer’s decision to pull Woods’ advertisements is the second in his long list of endorsers. Earlier this week, Gatorade announced it was dropping its Woods-branded drink, Tiger Focus, but it also said the decision to pull the drink had nothing to do with the golfer’s recent transgressions.

“We change our campaigns probably four or five times per annum,” Tag Heuer general manager Philip Richards told the Herald.

He also said the move was as a result of the conclusion of the Australian Open golf tournament last Sunday, which puts an end to Tag Heuer’s “golf focus” this year.

Richards also confirmed that Woods’ endorsement deal with the company is still intact.

But it’s clear that all the companies that work with Woods are trying to cover their bases. The coincidental timing of ads being pulled, not to mention the fact that Woods has not appeared in a single prime-time commercial since Nov. 29 (according to Nielsen) is cause for suspicion.

The companies – including Nike, Gillette and Electronic Arts – are teetering on both sides, trying not to insult those who are disgusted by the golfer’s recent actions, but also trying to balance it with those who couldn’t care less about his personal life.

If you live under a rock, Woods was in a minor car accident on Nov. 27, and since then, reports of marital troubles came to light, and many women have come forward claiming they have all had affairs with Woods.