I want to thank you for all you’ve done for the HCRP and the conservative movement.

Like you, I am concerned about a government that wants to expand to all areas of our lives: our banks, our corporations, our car dealerships, our hospitals, and our schools.

Enough is enough. Government in Washington is too big, too controlling, too inefficient and too wasteful.

Just turn on the TV, pick up a newspaper or get on the internet and it becomes clear that our values, principles, and culture are under attack from the radical left.

Over the past several months, America has begun to wake up to the true Democratic Party, led by Barack Obama.

We now know what Hope and Change means:
· A $787 billion dollar stimulus package that has allowed unemployment to go over 10%
· Cap and tax legislation that would cripple our economy
· A budget with over 9000 earmarks
· Billions in governmental bailouts
· Government run healthcare

The result-our country is having buyer’s remorse. Recent victories in Virginia, New Jersey, and Scott Brown’s historic win in Massachusetts, demonstrate that the conservative movement is coming out of the proverbial political wilderness.

In just over a year, President Obama and his big government liberal agenda for this country has resulted in a conservative backlash. Voters expressed what we have been hearing from Republicans, conservative independents and seen expressed in the Tea Party movement: big government is not the solution.

As conservative Republicans in Harris County, 2010 will be the year we take our country and the Republican Party back to the Reaganesque principles that brought us to the majority. We need to be an active part of the grass roots, conservative movement seen in Town Hall meetings across the country. We need to embrace the energy, strength, and passion of the Tea Party patriots.

Whether you are a conservative Republican activist, a Tea Party patriot, or a person who is just plain sick and tired of the direction our country is going-we need to be united in our mission, confident in our cause, unwavering in our beliefs, and unified in the fight to take this country back from the liberal left.

We in the Harris County Republican Party believe in limited government, a strong military, lower government spending, a secure border, a free market economy, and a culture that is pro family and pro life. We will continue to fight for these principles.

I welcome everyone who wants to join our conservative cause at the HCRP, and, as we head toward the critical November elections, we must have innovation, planning, hard work and a commitment to our core conservative principles in order to be successful.
Continue to send a message to the liberals by voting in the Republican Party Primary. Early voting runs Feb. 16-26th and election day is March 2nd.

For your convenience, here’s a link to the early voting schedule.

Thank you for voting and together we will take this country back.