The House of Representatives is poised to vote on the massive Health Care bill that will be a takeover of one-sixth of our floundering economy. The Congressional Budget Office has finally released their final numbers on the Democrats’ health care bill. They have estimated that this unprecedented takeover of our health care system will cost taxpayers $940 billion. The bill is full of back room deals like the Louisiana Purchase and the Cornhusker Kickback.

We must do everything in our power to defeat this bill from becoming law. The work we do in the final hours before the vote will make all the difference. Speaker Pelosi wants the House to vote for this bill on Sunday.

I urge you to contact your Member of Congress to tell him or her to vote “No” on this disastrous legislation. You can find your representative’s office phone number at this link of Texas Members of Congress. Click on their name where you can find their district offices contact information if other lines are busy. There are also links to their online contact forms.

Polls show that an overwhelming majority of Americans are against the Obama Administration’s attempt to impose government-run health care. Yet the Obama Administration and Congressional Democrats are doing everything trying to ram this bill through Congress this weekend. If you have a Democrat representative, after you urge them to vote NO and let them know that if they don’t, you will be working very hard to replace them in November.

Visit our Health Care information page where besides the links to your Texas representatives, we have contact information on key Democrats who have not yet committed their votes.

Thank you for all you do,

Jared Woodfill
Chairman, Harris County Republican Party