The Insite hears Houston City Councilman Mike Sullivan is hot today. This comes after he’s learned nearly two dozen Meals on Wheels drivers have been fired. Sullivan’s staff tells the Insite the terminations occurred this morning. It was last week when several drivers under the program refused to deliver meals because they weren’t being paid by the manager at the YWCA on Martin Luther King. We’re told that manager struck back this morning by firing the drivers who deliver crucial meals to Houston area senior citizens. Today Sullivan is demanding answers from the YWCA and the manager who gave the drivers their walking papers. Sullivan also says he will ask City Controller Ronald Green to audit the books at the agency. Stuck in the middle are those seniors who depend on Meals on Wheels to bring them – in some cases – their only meal of the day. The Insite attempted to reach officials with the YWCA office at the MLK location but the phone just rang…I also called the national office of the YWCA and a woman there said they didn’t know what was going on in Houston and there was no media representative for me to speak with!

Update: Just spoke with Regional manager for YWCA Christy Daily and she said she had no comment!
Update: The Insite has learned through a statement from the YWCA that the drivers have been paid – but Councilman Sullivan says they conveniently left out the part about firing all the drivers today as well. Here’s part of what was released to the local news media:

“On May 7, our volunteers successfully delivered meals to our seniors despite the situation involving our contracted drivers,” said the statement. “We apologize if there was any inconvenience. We also want to resolve the miscommunication regarding the issue involving the contracted drivers. They have been paid in full for services rendered.”

The drivers are paid about $55 a day, using their own vehicles to make deliveries. Many of them refused to work on Friday, saying the gas money would have come from their own pockets.

The organization’s local executive director told FOX 26 she was ill and couldn’t sign paychecks, and another official called the whole thing a big misunderstanding.

The organization said their Meals on Wheels program delivers to 1,700 seniors daily in the Houston area – some at one of 15 congregate settings. The YWCA has been making the deliveries for more than 35 years.