Dallas police have issued Tennessee Titans quarterback Vince Young a citation. They say the former University of Texas star was only at a Dallas strip club for about 10 minutes when he got into a brawl with an employee. The employee was reportedly talking trash about his beloved Texas Longhorns.

Dallas police released video of the incident. It shows Young striking an employee inside Club Onyx early Sunday morning.

“Young committed a class C assault, simple assault,” Dallas police Lt. Craig Miller said

Police say Young struck 45-year-old Creiton Kinchen of Lewisville, busting his lip.

Young was inside the club’s money room discussing services, when a conversation broke out about the University of Texas football team. Police say someone made an upside-down “Hook ’em Horns” gesture that set Young off.

“This obviously made Mr. Young upset,” Lt. Miller said. “The conversation continued. I think there were more accusations against the University of Texas,”

Fans at a local sport bar around the corner reacted to the news. Some say Young took things too far.

“It’s one thing to defend your alma mater. But being an alma mater, that means you’re educated. You should have been able to use words instead of violence,” Flower Mound resident Nathan Miller said.

But others said they don’t blame him — in fact, the incident makes them like him more.

” I’d be pretty upset if I was a national championship winner of the Longhorns, and someone disrespected me like that,” Dallas resident Andy Harms said. “I don’t know if I’d hit them being an NFL quarterback. You know, he let his emotions get away for himself.”

“Even [though] he doesn’t play for them anymore, he’s out of Texas, plays for Tennessee, but he’s staying true to his Texas roots playing for the Texas Longhorns,” Garland resident Javier Faz said.

Dallas police say they had their special investigations unit handle the case because of Young’s celebrity status.

Management at the club has declined to comment. Kinchen, the reported victim, has also declined requests for an interview.