The motto may be trust no one.

I can’t resist going to Fry’s electronics on 45 north whenever I get the chance. It’s the electronics geek in me that keeps forcing The Insite back through the door of the business.

But every time I leave I feel uncomfortable. That’s because there is an employee at the front door who wants to look into my bags and see my receipt. They’re typically searching for proof I’m not stealing from the store. Think about that…they’re not saying have a good day like a but they’re saying show me proof you are not a criminal. It left me simply disturbed as a consumer who shops at Fry’s all the time.
But what was really disturbing is how the company apparently may not trust its own employees. Keep in mind this is not my opinion but what I’ve witnessed as a shopper. A female employee was getting off the clock Wednesday night. She had to pass the same receipt checker I did just before I was leaving. That worker had to open her bag, show a receipt, and then open her purse. Open her purse? What if she would’ve had some personal items in her purse, should she be required to give up her privacy?
It didn’t stop there. I also had to turn back around in the store and return the ear phones I’d just purchase because they were for a computer rather than my cell phone. When I got to customer service the employee there had to call a manager to approve the return. Does anyone trust anyone at this store?
That customer service rep recognized me from tv and that caused her to open up a bit. I asked if she was ever disturbed by the lack of trust the company allegedly has in its employees and shoppers. She said sometimes but she also explained there is a legitimate reason for the distrust in some cases.
That worker then told me about two employees who were friends at the store. She said one worked in electronics and the other at the front door. She says for quite sometime the duo worked together in stealing hundreds possibly thousands of dollars in merchandise from Fry’s. She says for a long period of time the employee from electronics would walk right past the receipt checker at the front door with tv’s, refrigerators, and even stereos. So, she said sometimes she understands the no trust policy but other times she doesn’t.
As I walked out of the door on Wednesday I had a question for the receipt checker. I wanted to know what was the store’s policy if I didn’t want to show my receipt. He said it was totally optional and if I chose not to show it that was my choice. From now on I will refuse the option of showing my receipt.
What do you think about the store’s policy as a shopper?