Press Release: Houston Ministers Against Crime will hold a 11:00am Press Conference at Cullen Missionary Baptist Church located at 13233 Cullen Boulevard @ Almeda Genoa on Thursday.The Houston Grand Jury Process has failed and will be addressed, as a call goes forth for more transparency, equity and a call for the end to the “Good Old Boy” system which has continued for decades in the Harris County Legal System.

…. The Wednesday decision to charge Houston Police Officers with a lesser charge for violating the Civil and Human Rights of a teenager beaten by HPD Officers has outraged the entire African-American Community and many are demanding that the charges be upgraded to Felony, as opposed to Misdemeanor. Also, the HMAC leadership is requesting to review the video tape, along with other Houston Community and Civil Rights groups. The recent no-bill on a Bellaire Police Officer that shot a Black citizen continues to show the Grand Jury Process continues to bring “fair justice” to all citizens.

….Rev. Robert Jefferson, Pastor of Cullen MBC and Special Projects Coordinator for the HMAC has stated,” we need a system in 2010 that will give our community confidence in dealing with all violations of a citizens rights in 2010..this reminds many of us of the way Minorities could be beaten, hanged and killed by Police Officers in the past and nothing was done about their crimes”. HMAC has called for a Civilian Review Board with ‘powers to bring justice to whoever is violating the human and civil rights of citizens in Houston and Harris County”.

….Real Urban Ministry, Inc. President, Dr. Robert M. Gilmore, Sr. is calling for a series of public meetings to have citizens to bring their reports of abuse from Public Officials that are elected or appointed. HMAC leadership was instrumental in having a new Harris County Sheriff and District Attorney elected after a number of violations and “Racist” actions were taken to negatively impact the citizens of Houston and Harris County. The current Grand Jury system is broken and needs to include more minorities and a much more equitable process.

…There is a growing concern for Houston citizens to view the video tape, that has been seen by the HPD Chief of Police, Houston Mayor and Harris County District Attorney. In recent days a Charter School teacher video has been seen hundreds of times in Houston and across the Nation, the question remains why can’t we see the HPD Video Tape.

…. The Press Conference will begin at 11:00am, at Cullen Missionary Baptist Church, 13233 Cullen Boulevard @ Almeda Genoa, there will be more information presented to address serious allegations that continue to erode the confidence that has been given to the newly elected District Attorney and Houston City mayor for continuing to uphold the “Good Old Boy” system and not providing new and fresh alternatives for the citizens of Houston and Harris County. For more information contact the Rev. Dr. Robert M. Gilmore at 281-546-8168 or call the Cullen Missionary Baptist Church at 713-734-0275 for directions.