It was on July 23 when the Houston Independent School District began taking on any entity out there that may circulate what they call rumors or lies…via the internet that is.

Officials at HISD approved and sanctioned the ‘Myth Busters’ page on the district’s website.

The question is how does the public know when the district is not being completely honest with their set of facts? After all, it’s in the districts best interest to put on its best face.
‘Myth Busters’ was reportedly designed to clear the air from any false rumor or news report out in the community. Already, HISD has taken on the Houston Federation of Teachers’ Union. The district says information disseminated by the group about the special education program wasn’t quite true.
Gayle Fallon, president of the union, takes issue with the web page. She calls it a” propaganda” machine for the district.
One University of Houston college professor says the district has already established what they put on the page from others is a myth. Assistant Professor Brian Smith says, “they’re not putting any information on there where people can come back and give feedback and say I heard this…there’s no back and forth.”
Essentially, some believe this could lead to only HISD’s side of the story.
However, the district fires back in a written statement. Chief Communications Officer Aggie Alvez writes: “As any large company knows, rumors can spread quickly….The purpose of the new ‘Myth Busters’ page on our website is to help clarify misinformation and dispel rumors.”
Professor Smith says there’s a correct way of using social media and that would be a conversation rather than a one way street.