Shannon Marketic, Miss USA 1992 was busted on Monday for shoplifting beauty products from a Denton, Texas Target. Keep reading to find out more.

Shannon Marketic, Miss USA 1992 has been released from a Texas Jail after she was acussed of shoplifting beauty and baby products from a Target store. The 38 year old former beauty queen is charged with stealing $90 in merchandising and was released from a Denton Jail Tuesday after posting a $500 bond.

But, What did she steal from the store? The former Miss USA 1992 reportedly stole an Oil of Olay Professional ProX skin treatment worth around $60, along with some baby items. Of course, she denied shoplifting and told The Dallas Morning News that all the items found in her purse “had rolled beneath her purse in her shopping basket without her knowledge”. She had no idea that the items were in her bag.

The former beauty queen won the Miss USA title in 1992. Five years later, in 1997 Shannon introduced a law suit against the sultan of Brunei, claiming he was holding her as a sex slave. The case was out of the federal court and she won $500,000 in settlement for the lawsuit. In 2007 the former Miss USA was arrested for public intoxication at Dallas airport.

She has written some books on Christianity, performed in some films and has worked as a theatre instructor in a private school in Dallas. Nowadays, it is said that she is working in PR and media department.