The Insite hears Radio One has parted ways with a long time off and on high profile employee. For years many of us knew him as Funky Larry Jones…now many nationally know him as Brother Larry from the Yolanda Adams show. Sources tell the Insite Brother Larry was released from the company today after his contract was not renewed. The exact reason has not been given for the departure by the company but insiders say they all received an email stating Brother Larry was no longer with the company. One source says they’re all heartbroken at Radio One about the departure. Larry was on the air for the last several years as one of the hosts of the gospel show. If one thing is certain The Insite knows Brother Larry Jones to be a true survivor. This is just a minor set back and we will likely hear him on the airwaves again. So far I have not been able to reach Brother Jones or execs at Radio One!

Larry’s Bio:
As an eminent statesman of truth and honor, a distinguished Radio personality, a worker and voice in the labor of love for God, Lawrence Gregory Jones has been on‐air personality since 1973. He is a man of noble spirit, humanitarian principles, and one who possesses a compassionate understanding of the suffering and persecuted. Larry Jones knows that his power lies in the power of God. Larry Jones is one of Houston’s most beloved and respected air personalities.

After stints in Little Rock and Tulsa to strengthen and perfect his traits, Larry Jones made his way to Houston to host a morning show. His high moral integrity, lofty ideals, broad sympathies, and unselfish devotion to principles of equality took him to stations in other cities… New York, Chicago, St. Louis, Milwaukee and Memphis where he was relevant in nature and liberal in spirit. He believes that “the steps of a good man are ordered by the Lord.” And in that order, he walks with a sincerity of purpose, a commanding eloquence, and a rare combination of judgment, given to him by Jesus Christ.

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  1. James E. Hardy April 26, 2012 4:44 pm 

    It was a sad day when Larry Jones left 92.1, I was a die hard fan of the show in the early days before Yolanda Adams, came onboard. I must say they worked well together, You try not to take life so seriously all the time because God wants us to be happy, and if we are happy we are in good sprit, and when we are in good sprit we can be a blessing to others.On the show I started hearing little things that made me uncomfortable at times given, that it was a christian radio station. The word of God is a very serious matter and not to be mocked. God only bless what he is apart of, not some times but all the time and if you are not putting God first in all you do then you are putting God last. Anything after first is like putting God last in his eyes and in his word, and too Larry Jones; stay strong in your faith and the door that man closed on you ,GOD will open up many others for you.
    Much love brother. James & Alma H.( your true supporters of all the do)

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