Here’s am email from former Houston Mayor Bill White’s campaign manager:

Fellow Texan,

Last night, while the Rangers were fighting to bring a championship to Texas, Rick Perry was planning his exit from Texas. Rick Perry just admitted he is launching a nationwide book tour soon after the November election. Then he refused to commit to serve a full four-year term as governor and said, “I don’t ever take anything off the table.”

Rick Perry is finally coming clean about his big plans…for Rick Perry. We need your help to let Texans know Rick Perry’s in it for himself. Help us pay for our final ad, “A New Governor,” to play during the remaining World Series home games.

Contribute $5 right now. Rick Perry is busy trying to launch himself nationally just a few months before the most important legislative session in decades –where Texas will take on Rick Perry’s $25 billion budget hole.

We need a governor who’s in it for Texas and not just his own political career.

Thanks to supporters like you who chipped in over $32,000, we were able to run an ad last night highlighting the choice voters have in this election.

Help us pay for our final ad, “A New Governor,” to play again during tonight’s game –and Monday’s.

Contribute $5 before midnight tonight! We can reach hundreds of thousands of undecided Texans every time we run an ad during the World Series. That’s enough to make all the difference in a race as close as ours.

I know we’ve asked a lot of you over the past several months, and we’re grateful for any support you can lend in these final 40 hours before Election Day. Thank you for everything.


Michael J. Moore

Campaign Manager

Bill White for Texas

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