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The controversial conservative group the King Street Patriots has called a press conference for Thursday in Houston. The group, which has been accused of voter intimidation at the polls, plans to make a big announcement about the federal Justice Department. The Insite will keep you updated!

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Mike Barajas – FOX 26 Main Anchor
Bill Barajas – KRGV TV Reporter

The Insite would like to congratulate FOX 26 anchor Mike Barajas for his growing media dynasty.  Many of you already know about Mike’s nephew Erik Barajas who’s an anchor and reporter at KTRK TV 13.  But there’s a new addition to the journalism list.  Mike’s son Bill Barajas, who recently graduated from college, is now a working reporter at KRGV TV in Rio Grand Valley, Texas…The operation is known as the dominant news station in all of South Texas.  Mike tells the Insite he’s very proud of his son’s accomplishment.  But Bill isn’t the only young Barajas left interested in television journalism.  Mike says his his third son John Paul, who’s currently an athlete in school, is also interested in entering the business.  Mike’s oldest son, Mike Jr., is currently enjoying a life as an account executive with Spark Energy…So, as you can see that Barajas broadcasting dynasty is growing!


Newsweek: Tea Party Republicans have talked a big game when it comes to deficit reduction, but one candidate just upped the ante. Utah’s Mike Lee, who currently holds a 20-point lead in his U.S. Senate race, told a crowd of supporters last week that congressional Republicans are planning to cut federal spending by 40 percent next year. Yes, 40 percent of the entire federal budget (exempting, of course, the two political golden cows: defense spending and Social Security).

The cuts, which Lee’s Democratic opponent, Sam Granato, estimates would cost the U.S. 7 million jobs, are actually part of a three-step GOP war plan Lee described during the rally. The strategy is this:

Step 1: Extend all Bush-era tax cuts.

Step 2: Pass a completely balanced federal budget by slashing 40 percent of all spending.

Step 3: Force President Obama to either sign the budget or shut down the government. (Lee said he was “giddy” about the impending showdown, according to a report in Salt Lake’s City Weekly.)

Reached for comment today, campaign spokesman Boyd Matheson told The Gaggle that Lee meant to use the 40 percent figure more as a rhetorical tool than a fixed estimate. Still, the candidate is calling on all federal departments to draft hypothetical budgets that could be implemented if a 40 percent cut were mandated.

What’s more, Matheson says, the strategy is backed by “a growing group” of Republicans, reaffirming Lee’s original suggestion that the huge cuts and White House face-off are all part of the GOP’s master plan to massively shrink the federal government next year.

So, the question becomes: is this really a sneak peek at Republicans’ future strategy, or has Lee drawn up a battle plan without an army?

The Gaggle called Rep. John Boehner’s office to see if he was on board with the approach Lee sketched out. Boehner’s spokesman, Michael Steel, would respond only to the 40 percent figure, saying, “That’s not the commitment we made in ‘The Pledge to America.’ ” When asked whether threats to shut down the government were on the table, he hung up.

We’ll take that as a no.


Bobby Henry
Leonard Keith Campbell
Houston police have arrested two suspects believed responsible for committing up to 150 home burglaries in the city’s Montrose area during the past year. 
Felony burglary charges are filed against both suspects, Leonard Keith Campbell (b/m, DOB: 10-21-60) and Bobby Henry (b/m, DOB: 1-18-70).  Campbell is charged with two counts of burglary of a habitation in the 208th State District Court while Henry is charged with one count of burglary of a habitation and one count of evading arrest in the 180th State District Court.  Photos of both suspects are attached to this news release. 
Officers in the Central Patrol Division said Campbell may be responsible for burglarizing up to 107 homes and Henry more than 50 residences since September 2009.  That accounts for more than half of all home burglaries reported in the surrounding Montrose area during the past 12 months. 
The arrests highlight exemplary efforts of police officers and an area resident working together.  
In Campbell’s arrest on October 18th, Officer J. Obenhaus responded to a burglary of a residence call in the 2100 block of Park Street when he spotted a suspicious male walking with a lap top bag in the 2200 block of Dunlavy.  When the suspect dropped the bag and fled on foot for numerous blocks, Officer Obenhaus ran after him and took him into custody as he was trying to jump over a fence. 
On October 22, a resident spotted suspect Henry taking glass out of a window and his head inside a residence.  When the resident yelled at Henry to see what he was doing, Henry ran.  The resident then followed the suspect and called police, relaying his location.  Neartown Storefront Officer L. Laureano and other patrol officers arrived and took Henry into custody.  Henry had a laptop on his person that was determined to be stolen from a home in the 400 block of Welch.    
Due to an increase in home burglaries in the Montrose and Hyde Park areas, Central patrol officers earlier this month (Oct. 7) conducted a door-to-door home burglary prevention initiative and visited more than 700 residences, to share crime prevention information and distribute brochures assisting citizens in how to lessen their chances of having their homes burglarized.  “Our focus when we go door-to-door and in our interactions year round is to educate the citizens we serve and protect that the police alone can not reduce burglaries,” said Sergeant R.V. Wilson of the Central Patrol Division.  “We need to work together,” he added.  “In suspect Henry’s arrest, we could not have made that arrest without the help of an alert citizen.” 


Dallas Jones speaking to the group
Senator Rodney Ellis (D) Houston
Eric Carr & Daniel Graves
David Anderson and attendees

Getting involved with politics is essential to your survival…and one Houston group stressed that with their Cocktails and Candidates forum Tuesday night.  It was put on by David Anderson and his team of supporters.  It was your chance to hear from some of those who are seeking public office in Houston.  It was held at Faces on Almeda.  Kalele Party/Politics King Thumbutu was in the place snapping high quality photos for the Insite.  Some of the speakers included David Anderson, Senator Rodney Ellis and Dallas Jones.  Also attending was Eric Carr and many others!

Photos by: Kalele Thumbutu


Thew Insite keeps hearing one name over and over again when it comes to dirty tricks in Houston politics.  That man is based in Houston and is known for taking advantage of his own people to earn a quick buck.  That man is apparently up to it again.  He’s putting out this fraudulent voter information card in the Black community.  It tells voters not to vote straight Democratic in the 2010 Midterm elections.  The card mislead the voter by claiming if they vote straight party ticket their vote won’t be counted.  Who does something like that?  It’s shameful and disgusting to attempt to intentionally mislead voters.  The person who I’m hearing put out this card does this in every election.  And I’m told he’s man who’s up for sale and will sell his own people out for the right price.  If I had solid proof, which I’m working on, I’d turn him into the Justice Department and demand an investigation.  If you see this phony card put out by a phony group called the Black Democratic Trust of Texas – just throw it in the trash!

Here’s what the Houston Chronicle had to say about voting straight party ticket in 2008:

*Straight ticket voting is an option, not a requirement. It instantaneously registers votes for every candidate on the ballot affiliated with the party of the voter’s choice.

• Voting straight ticket will record your vote for the presidential candidate of that party and for the party’s candidates in all other contests. Rumors to the contrary are false.
• If you select the option and then cast a vote for a candidate from another party in a particular contest, that selection will override the “straight party” option only for that race.
• Voters can change any of their choices before pressing the “cast ballot” button. Check the “summary screen,” which shows how all of the selections were recorded before pressing the “cast ballot” button.
• Voters who live in state Senate District 17 will see that race at the beginning of the ballot, before the straight ticket option, which will not apply to that contest, in which four Republicans and two Democrats are running.


Congratulations to Houstonian Terence Fontaine.  The local businessman has received a huge promotion at the Metropolitan Transit Authority or Metro.  According to officials at the regional public transportation company Fontaine has been promoted to Group Vice President of Business Services.  If that sounds like a big deal, it is.  That title means Fontaine will be in charge of ten (10) departments in Metro. On that list: Information Technology, Human Resources, and Diversity just to name a few.  Fontaine says, “I feel great about it…This is another sign of a new Metro and our focus on customer service and providing great transportation services for the region.”  Fontaine, who has a Masters of Business from the University of Houston, began his career at Metro just 10 short months ago and has quickly risen up the ranks.  For more information on Metro:  


Press Release: A sealed indictment charging a Harris County Deputy Sheriff for allegedly accepting bribes to access confidential law enforcement databases and provide protection for a purported ecstasy dealer has been unsealed, United States Attorney José Angel Moreno announced today along with FBI Special Agent in Charge Richard C. Powers and Harris County Sheriff Adrian Garcia.
Harris County Deputy Sheriff George Wesley Ellington was arrested yesterday by FBI agents with the assistance of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office. The two-count indictment charging Ellington, 38, of Houston, was unsealed today following his initial appearance before United States Magistrate Judge Stephen W. Smith. Ellington has been ordered temporarily detained pending a decision of the court on the issue of bond to be decided tomorrow at 2:00 p.m.
“Law enforcement officers who betray their public trust are a danger to the public and to every other officer and agent seeking to uphold the law,” said Moreno. “In situations like this, the entire law enforcement community—federal, state, and local—works hand in hand to insure that public safety and the public trust are restored.”
The indictment and Ellington’s arrest is the result of an investigation conducted by the Harris County Sheriff’s Department and the FBI. The indictment alleges that in February 2010 and again in April 2010, Ellington received $500 for using his position as a Harris County Deputy Sheriff to access confidential information from secured law enforcement databases and for providing security/protection in his capacity as a Harris County Deputy Sheriff to a person he believed was illegally possessing and transporting 3, 4 Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA), commonly called Ecstasy.
“While the vast majority of law enforcement officers are honest in their work and committed to serving and protecting the public, there are some who choose to use their position for personal gain,” said Powers. “Combating corruption remains the FBI’s top criminal investigative priority, and we will continue our long-standing partnership with Sheriff Adrian Garcia and the Harris County Sheriff’s Office to aggressively pursue those granted the public trust who engage in illegal acts.”
“I am proud of all the hardworking employees of the Harris County Sheriff’s Office who follow the rules and who hold sacred the public’s trust,” said Garcia. “I admire and respect all of our honest and dedicated deputies, detention officers, and civilian support staff. However, I will not allow for any employee(s) who allegedly engages in criminal activity to tarnish the professionalism and dedication of so many great public servants who unselfishly serve the residents of Harris County with pride, honor, and respect. I thank the Houston FBI and the United States 
Attorney’s Office for their partnership and support of my staff in the Office of Inspector General, as we work to serve and protect the citizens of Harris County.”
Each of the two charges against Ellington carries a maximum penalty, upon conviction, of 20 years’ imprisonment and/or a $250,000 fine.


The Iniste has learned Houstonian Kathryn Griffin Townsend has gone national.  Griffin has signed on as a consultant to the Steve Wilkos show.  She will make appearances when needed to serve as a consultant for human trafficking and prostitution.  Griffin says she’s very excited to have the opportunity to appear on the Steve Wilkos show.  As many of you may remember Steve was the security guard who became a household name while working on the controversial Jerry Springer show.  Griffin was in Connecticut just last week to shoot her first episode. The Insite has been told it will air November 3rd, 2010 at 9 am. on Houston’s CW 39.  Griffin is also planning a major watch party for the event so stay tuned to the Insite for more details.  And congratulations Kathy!