The Insite was very excited when I learned I no longer needed my membership card to check in the gym.

It’s part of a new system 24 Hour Fitness has installed at all of its clubs nationwide.

Instead of turning in that membership card all you have to do is type in a 10 digit number and scan your finger.  Now, those digits for many have been your phone number but some people get paranoid when they have to scan their finger.

Some have said they don’t want their gym with a file of their fingerprint.  Others have said this is a way big brother is monitoring you through your unique identification.

But the Insite began digging and I learned some interesting facts.

When you scan your finger at the computerized device, it’s not checking your fingerprint at all.  It’s actually examining certain points on your print that match uniquely with that number you key in.

Also, if you’re still paranoid you can always opt-out and just show your state issued identification card because the membership cards will no longer be honored.  More on the process:

Does this mean 24 Hour Fitness will have my fingerprints? 

No. We’ve partnered with MorphoTrak, a leader in the biometric industry, to develop this convenient new way to check in to our clubs. By scanning your finger, we chart the distance between a few distinct points that are unique to you and come up with an identifying number based on those distances. Neither we nor MorphoTrak store your fingerprints, nor can the data we store be re-created into a fingerprint image. Additionally, we do not sell, lease, rent, trade or otherwise transfer the data to any third parties.
Cardless Check-In Fingerprint Info