Dean Corgey Loses Port Commission Vote!
The City of Houston Council voted this morning to re-name Janiece Longoria to the Port Commission.  Dean Corgey’s name was also placed in nomination but he lost 9-6.  Two City Council Members who had said that they were going to vote for Dean backed out.  They were Brenda Stardig and Mike Sullivan.
The Harris County AFL-CIO Council recognizes those Members of City Council that stood with Dean Corgey and who had previously told Labor that they would support a Port Commission person from Labor.  The following City Council Members are to be commended:
Mayor Annise D. Parker
Jarvis Johnson, District B
Wanda Adams, District D
Edward Gonzalez, District H
Stephen C. Costello, At-Large 1
Jolanda “Jo” Jones, At-Large 5

The above City leaders kept their word and did not lie.  They recognized that a Port Commission appointment (originally made in the Mayor Brown Administration) was not a lifetime appointment and they recognized that a very qualified representative from Labor should be on the Port Commission.  They went against the grain of a business establishment and Port Commission that did not want someone from Labor looking at the Port Authority and its ‘operations’.

The following City Council Members had previously committed to appointing someone from Labor to the Port Commission but did not keep their word:
James G. Rodriguez, District I
Sue Lovell, At-Large 2,
Melissa Noriega, At-large 3
C. O. “Brad” Bradford, At-Large 4

Labor dislikes liars and the above who lied to us  Labor expects loyalty for loyalty.    
Other City Council Members who voted against Dean and never put in writing that they would support a Labor representative were:

Brenda Stardig, District A
Anne Clutterbuck, District C
Mike Sullivan, District E
Al Hoang, District F
Oliver Pennington, District G

There were other so-called friends of Labor from the Texas Legislative Delegation who also worked against Dean Corgey even though Labor has been standing with them for many years – through’ thick and thin’.  They know who they are they know what the thin is.

Other interesting ‘players’ against Dean involved a current Port Commissioner, former employees of the Port Commission and other contract recipients.  There is something going on at the Port Commission that they did not want Labor, Dean Corgey, or someone who had served on the City Ethics Committee to see. Perhaps someone may start looking.

Finally, Council Member Wanda Adams reported being threatened by someone who said that they would run people against her.   This is totally uncalled for and it is inappropriate to get involved in another Council Member’s race.  Unfortunately, another Council Member did this recently.  Labor will stand with those who stood with Labor.  Period.

Thank you to all of those from Labor and the community who sat through the City Hall meetings, spoke or wrote to City Council for Dean Corgey.  Labor never gives up and we will be looking for another chance to get someone on the Port Commission from Labor.  Labor has many friends and today it found out who they were.

Richard C. Shaw, Secretary-Treasurer
Harris County AFL-CIO Council