Phyllis Frye

Here’s a press release from the GLBT organization in Houston:

The Houston GLBT Political Caucus lauded Mayor Annise Parker for the historic appointment of transgender law icon Phyllis Randolph Frye to municipal court judge Wednesday, and congratulated Frye on her historic achievement. Frye is the first transgender judge in Texas.

“Phyllis Frye is a true icon in our civil rights movement,” said Kris Banks, Caucus president. “She is an internationally recognized pioneer, and the Mayor is to be congratulated for her choice.”

Frye, of the law firm Frye and Associates, led the fight against Houston’s anti-cross-dressing law in 1980. In 1991, she founded the Transgender Law Conference. She and her firm are currently representing Nikki Araguz, a transgender woman in Wharton, in her fight to enforce the law and ensure her marriage to her late husband is recognized.

The Mayor also appointed Charles Spain, an openly gay attorney and chair of the Sexual Orientation and Gender Identification Issues of the State Bar, as associate municipal court judge, and Josh Brockman, an openly gay attorney, as hearings officer. All three new appointments and the Mayor are Caucus members.

The Houston GLBT Political Caucus is the oldest civil rights organization for the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community in the South.

Kristopher Banks
Houston GLBT Political Caucus

Note: Some Christian groups say Parker has gone too far.  They claim the openly gay Mayor is pushing a gay agenda with this appointment of a transgender judge.  What do you think about the appointment?