I finally found a book to read and I hear it’s great.  That book is by fellow Houston journalist and author Pat Tucker.  Tucker can be heard daily now as the news director at KPFT radio.  The book is a fictional look at a very serious issue in America.  Men who are in some cases unknowingly saddled with child support even if the child is not his.  The problem goes even deeper.  If the unsuspecting Daddy target is hit with child support and he doesn’t take action in a stated amount of time he’s required to support the kid until he’s 18 years old.  Believe it or not.  By the way, Pat’s book is so good it has been submitted for a NAACP Image award.  We have our fingers crossed and best of luck Pat.  Let’s all read the book published by Simon and Shuster and come back here and talk about it.  You can get your copy here: