UPS Delivery in the Woodlands, TX
UPS dropping off a package at the front door
See the white box – Bad Santa could get it!
See the small brown box to the right of the door!

I’ll admit this is a story idea I stole from fellow FOX 26 reporter Kristine Galvan. 

She wanted to warn people in our community about the dangers of having your Christmas gifts delivered by UPS or the US Postal Service when you’re not at home. 

It gives bad Santa the perfect opportunity to steal your Christmas. 

I was reminded of Galvan’s idea while mowing my lawn Thursday. 

I noticed the UPS guy making his rounds in my neighborhood. 

As he approached each house he rang the doorbell and when no one answered, he just left the packages at the front door for all to see. 

But here’s the delima. What else could the delivery guy do? 

So many of us take advantage of free shipping and with that comes a package that’s simply left at your front door. 

There are no signatures required or notification explaining your package was taken back to the depot because you weren’t home. 

So the best suggestion is to simply have your packages delivered at your job while you’re at work or at a neighbor’s house who is expected to be home. 

Otherwise your gifts are ripe for the thief who just strolls down the street on a five finger discount spree. 

Be very careful this holiday season because bad Santa is watching!