It was big news on Tuesday night. A bus carrying student athletes from the Crosby Independent School District collides with a SUV.

The driver of the vehicle was killed here in Harris County.

He was later identified as Sydney Kelton. But what may didn’t know, it was the same Sydney Kelton who was a well respected blues artist.

Kelton performed under the stage name Mean Gene Kelton.

The Harris County resident opened for such acts as Lynard Skynard, ZZ Top, and Peter Frampton.

Skelton was also a writer who released a book called ‘Gigs from Hell’ which is still wildly popular.

The Insite has been told the blues artist was scheduled to perform for New Years Eve in Harris County before his tragic death on FM 2100 this week.

Here’s more from on the bus crash…courtesy Fox 26 news:

Several student athletes have been released from East Houston Regional Medical Center following a fatal crash involving a Crosby Independent School District bus and a sport utility vehicle in northeast Harris County.

The driver of a 2002 Ford Explorer, identified by the Harris County Sheriff’s Office as Sidney Kelton, died as a result of the accident.

Kelton was driving northbound on FM 2100 and swerved to avoid a stopped vehicle, but the sudden movement proved to be a fatal one as the Explorer crashed head on into the southbound school bus near Tall Cedars Street, according to a statement released Wednesday morning by the HCSO.

Deputies arrived to the accident site before 9 p.m. Tuesday.

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