Dozens of west Harris County Republicans braved the arctic blast of freezing temperatures last night to attend our first HCRP Town Hall meeting of 2011that was held at Bear Creek Park Community Center.
Following the invocation (Ned Watkins), pledges to the US flag (Carl Pittman) and Texas flag (Jack O’Connor) and National Anthem (Richard Dillon), the meeting kicked off with remarks by newly elected District Clerk Chris Daniel, which included a warning not to give any personal information to telephone callers posing as agents of the District Clerk’s office.  Apparently, identity thieves are calling and accusing senior citizens of missing jury duty.  When the unsuspecting senior denies receiving a jury summons, the caller asks for personal information including social security and driver’s license numbers to verify their identity, which is then used to steal the person’s identity.  The District Clerk insists that members of his office will never call requesting personal information and urges all citizens of Harris County to be on guard for any such calls.
The night’s other featured speakers included Harris County TreasurerOrlando Sanchez, County Clerk Stan Stanart and Tax Assessor-Collector Don Sumners.  The audience also had the opportunity to hear from former State Representative Robert Talton.  Representative Talton, who currently serves as HCRP Legal Counsel and Chairman of our Redistricting Committee, spoke about the redistricting process currently underway during this session of the Texas Legislature.
Following the prepared remarks, speakers answered questions from the audience, which covered a variety of topics including voter fraud, the county budget, redistricting and the political outlook for the 2012 Presidential Election.
These HCRP Town Hall meetings are a great opportunity to meet and hear from our elected officials in a small group setting and I encourage everyone to watch the HCRP calendar for future meetings.
These Town Hall meetings are free of charge, but we always accept donations to help support the many services we provide for our Harris County Republicans.  If you can make a donation of any amount to support our efforts, I ask you to make a donation online by visiting: