UTMB-CMC Galveston Hospital

Have you ever seen individuals who spend more than what they take home?  Those individuals want to keep up with the Joneses but simply can’t afford it.

That’s essentially what State Auditors are saying about UTMB-CMC Galveston.  The state funded hospital was spanked in an audit that alleges the facility is giving out bonuses and payraises while its millions in the hole.

The report was released this morning by the Texas State Auditor’s office and it may make taxpayers ask a lot of questions about the island hospital.

Here are some of the numbers the Insite has obtained.  The hospital, which also manages care for state inmates, has a projected deficit of $83 million for 2009 – 2011.  Now, while UTMB is facing dark days in the red the hospital handed out $14 million in raises and another $7 million in bonuses last year.

That’s not all.  The hospital is also accused of  paying doctors well over the allowable reimbursable Medicare rate.

UTMB is also accused of overcharging the state by $6.6 million for medical services related to inmate care.

How is the hospital responding to this baller spending on a welfare budget?

UTMB President Dr. David Callender says in a written letter the agency respectfully disagrees with the auditors finding.  Callender sited several points where he believes UTMB did not pay doctors excessive rates or lacks transparency!

Would you like to see the full report?