The classic line is: Good things come to those who wait…Apparently, that wait will be forever for Houston City Council Member Jolanda Jones.

It was nearly a month ago when several of her colleagues on City Council and the President of the Houston Firefighters’ Union claimed Jones had a potty mouth.

They said the Houston attorney cursed out a group of Houston firefighters during a visit to station #8.

In a matter of days the Office of Inspector General issued a report debunking the account at the fire station.

When asked if Jones had received an apology from anyone close to the fire department the answer was no.

Take a look at the video obtained by the Insite.

Oh, by the way, one of Jones’ staffers was rolling his Iphone on the visit and the tape clearly contradicts the account given by some Houston firefighters.

I guess the only question remains is will those firefighters be investigated for allegedly wasting the city’s time with false allegations?