I was covering a story in the controversial and violent Haverstock Hills apartment in north Houston last Monday.

Out of the blue a woman with a baby’s stroller approached me.

I had no idea what she wanted but soon all would be revealed.

First, she told me she watched The Insite every night on FOX 26. Shout out – shout out – thank you.

The woman went on to tell me she was selling cupcakes and brownies.

The cakes were 50 cents and the brownies $1.

Unfortunately, I had no cash so I had to turn the woman down.

Five minutes later she came back and gave my photographer and I free cupcakes.

I just wanted to thank the ‘sweets’ lady.

I didn’t get her name even though we talked for a minute.

So, if you find yourself hanging out in Haverstock make sure you stop by the lady with a baby’s stroller filled with cupcakes and brownies!