In this tough economy the last thing a working class person can do is spend too much money.

Now, keep in mind I don’t know how much money you make but I have a pretty good idea about the nickels in my pocket.

That’s why I was surprised by a coupon I received in my email from the upscale Saks Fifth Avenue.

Don’t ask – I don’t know how I got on their mailing list.

Anyway, one of the super hot deals the company is offering are high dollar gift cards.

Here’s the offer:  If you spend $250 to $500 dollars you get a $25 gift card.  If you spend $3,000 or more you get a $450 gift card.

I was pretty excited about free until I realized what one would have to spend to get that free.

Out of my low budget ‘B’ movie reporter salary’s league.

Back to Best Buy to trick the clerk at register #8 for that $25 gift card!