Irvin and friend Ralph waiting to get into the Oprah Show
Free tickets to see Celine in Vegas!

Facebook and Twitter regular Irvin J. Williams was like a kid in a candy story after finally making it to see Oprah.  Williams, who’s from Houston, describes the journey that ends with a free trip to see Pop superstar Celine Dion.  The episode on which he appears airs today on KHOU 11 at 4pm!

In his own words: 

Irvin J. Williams

I have been trying for OVER 5 years to get Oprah tickets and checked her website almost every other day trying to get tickets!  On Tue, February 1 they posted “Looking For Celine Dion Fans!!!” and I quickly signed up!  I have been a Celine Dion fan for years and flown to Vegas to see her and Elton John a few times. 

Three days later at 1:28PM I received an e-mail from the Oprah Show stating the time and date of the taping and requesting I confirm my attendance, plus I had to name one guest.  I quickly scrambled to find another person spontaneous enough (and financially able) to hop on a plane to Chicago in less than 2 weeks. 

The taping occurred on Wednesday, Feb 16.  I flew into Chicago for one night and arrived at Harpo Studios 9:30AM, I was guest #42 in line for the B taping. Within the next 30 minutes the line began to move as they slowly allowed groups to check coats, check-in and go through security.  No cell phone or digital electronics were allowed and they temporarily confiscated any of these items.  

Each group was then escorted to an audience holding room where we eagerly waited for almost two hours.  Everyone was assigned numbers and slowly they began to call some people by name and some by number.  People wearing bright colors got better seating.  The producers didn’t do any coaching, they just played some music to get everyone hyped and showed a montage of videos from Oprah’s 25 years.  After this video played Oprah came out (off camera) holding her shoes and speaking to everyone and telling them to sit down as she sat in her chair and started putting on her shoes.  

Oprah was very friendly and was very talkative between segments.  Celine was dancing around the studio and making a lot of jokes.  The black couple whose pictures went viral last year because of their sextuplets were also guest on the show.  They received a $250,000 gift from Wal-Mart, free trip to Vegas and front row seats to see Celine!  It was a very touching moment in the show, the couple just finished discussing their daily routine and how much planning went into each day.   

Later in the show Oprah announced that she was not only sending them to the show, but giving everyone in the audience tickets to see Celine and 2 free nights at Caesar’s Palace!  The audience erupted in joy as confetti filled the room!  It was such an amazing experience! I was able to shake Oprah’s hand and thank her for my tickets as she left the studio.  I have not washed my hand since j/k.  Each guest was given their own certificate to redeem our certificate for 2 anytime before August and I plan to go around my birthday in July.  The certificate promised 2 orchestra seats, 2 night stay at Caesar’s Palace and 2 buffet passes at Caesars!!!