Tightening the belt was the tone of the Harris County Commissioners Court meeting Tuesday morning.

County departments and law enforcement agencies got the word those 10% budget cuts are real ordered by Budget Director Dick Raycraft.

Preliminary budgets were unveiled this morning at the meeting.

Sheriff Adrian Garcia took by getting 6% less than he asked for but it was more than his 2010 annual budget.

Garcia asked for a $415 milliom budget but was given $398 million to run his department.

Some Constables and other departments were slashed by 10%.

Precinct 7 Constable May Walker says she will have to run her budget on $6 rather than the $7 million she had last year.  That means fewer deputies will focus on the civil process and employees will be cut to a 32 hour work week at Precinct 7.

A final vote on the budget is expected next month on March 8th!

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