Lloyd Gite former KTSU Radio Employee

The phone for the Insite began ringing off the hook last week.  Everyone on the other end of the line wanted to talk about the unexpected firing of Houston journalist Lloyd Gite from KTSU radio.

Here’s how the story supposedly went. Gite, who was a talk show host for KTSU, apparently was a panelist for a seminar held at the radio station’s studios last Tuesday.  It was an event put on by the Houston Association of Black Journalists to mentor young students on TSU’s campus.  It’s my understanding Gite is not a member of the organization but volunteered with this particular session.

Gite was among the list of journalists and media professionals scheduled to address the college students. The speakers were suppose to give realistic advice on the broadcasting industry.  According to those who attended the meeting Gite reportedly gave the students much more.

Sources say Gite tore into the university claiming the school and its faculty and staff were unprofessional.  Some even claim Gite personally attacked the journalism students in the room saying they couldn’t speak or write properly.

The Insite was told prominent TSU journalism professor Serbino Sandifer-Walker and some of her students walked out.  Others in the audience defended the university against Gite.

Keep in mind this entire episode allegedly happened on the campus of TSU at KTSU studios with lots of school and radio staffers around listening.  

By Thursday morning Lloyd Gite was no longer on the air at KTSU radio where he hosted a program called Straight Talk.

As any journalists would do the Insite wanted to get Gite’s side of the story.  Early Monday morning he responded with this email and was willing to offer more insight into the matter.

What Gite makes clear is he was not fired.  He resigned from the radio station.  Here’s his statement:

I actually resigned my position at ktsu.  I went there after I was assured by the president of the university that he wanted to change things at the radio station.  I was there for three months and nothing changed.  There is a serious lack of professionalism at that institution and nobody seems to care.  Those who are suffering are the students and the community at large.  Once again, we have an African American institution that is failing all of us.  As for me, I learned a lot about why we as a people are in serious trouble.”

The Insite also placed a call to KTSU’s General Manager George Thomas.  He referred me to TSU spokesperson Eva Pickens for a comment.  But Thomas did offer some perspective on Gite.  Thomas said, “he resigned is all I can say…He said some very nasty things about all of us…He was very unprofessional…”

George Thomas, KTSU Radio General Manager

I followed up with Mr. Thomas by asking was Gite asked to resign from KTSU.  Thomas says if that were the case I would have to get that answer from Gite’s immediate supervisor who I have yet to reach.  

So one thing is very clear.  Gite was not fired from KTSU.  Radio station officials confirm he resigned.  But the question some still have is was he pushed?  

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  1. ms williams June 19, 2012 6:50 pm 

    I think it’s not important…who knows. All I can say is why would one work for an organization they do not respect, and what organization would want to employ someone whom they know do not respect them? I would think the decision would be mutual.

  2. Daniel July 23, 2012 5:48 pm 

    Does anyone have a transcript or recording of what Gite actually said?

    On the surface this sounds like some mess. Insofar as that, even if what Gite said was true, it was wholly inappropriate to speak of it in that fashion at that venue at that time. One has to wonder why he would wait until that particular venue to allegedly air dirty laundry. Did he have an agenda, and was he primarily working for someone else.

    Not everyone is interested in KTSU’s success.

    Despite what they say, where they work, how they smile, what they claim, and so forth. And when people DO things that are counterproductive, DESPITE what they say, one really should be questioning their objective.

  3. chris October 7, 2012 12:25 am 

    I’ve watched and listen to MR.GITE for years…that being said, there seems to be a recurring theme with some of the issues he has had with some of his employers. I seem to remember him saying this same stuff about channel 26. I don’t know if any of this stuff is true, but i will say there are some who feel simply because your black, they can talk down to you. And if you don’t believe me the next time your in a conversation with someone pay attention to how they talk to you verses others they talk to. I can’t condem mr. gite, cause i was’nt there.I will say some of this stuff surfaced with bill cosby. Question…..if caucations and other cultures here you call each other derogatory names, is it ok for them to do it to? my point is this, we have got to start respecting one another or the disrespect by others will never stop.

  4. Frances Campbell December 19, 2012 12:29 pm 

    I don’t know what happened, nor do I need a transcript. I have a child who attended TSU, and graduated from TSU. My husband attended TSU in the 70’s, and he loves the university. Nevertheless, the fact remains that this university can and should do better than they are doing. We all want to be able to produce highly educated, productive members of society, and to be able to say that our race has high quality colleges and universities which produce people who can spell and speak their own language correctly should be a given. Yet, I wince to hear college graduates use poor English in any context, or in any situation. Worse yet, is to listen to a teacher who says “I seen” in a classroom or anywhere on this earth. I would imagine that the very people who stood up in righteous indignation in protest of Mr. Gite’s remarks are just as culpable of the offenses he mentioned as those who remained. Until we acknowledge that we are way behind the curve, and that we need to do better, we will not. Those who work at the University and are too afraid to protest some of the university’s practices know of what I speak. And that’s the truth.

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