Talk Show Host Michael Berry

Houston controversial radio talk show host Michael Berry has become hugely popular since walking away from City Council and into the studios at KTRH radio.  

He’s become so popular that there’s a hamburger named after him at a Goode Company restaurant, he hangs out with country music stars, he susbstitutes for national radio hosts, and has one of the most popular local AM shows in town.  
That popularity has now translated into tv time for the radio guy.  
On Wednesday night I was shocked to see Berry doing a television commercial for Mary Grove Awnings.  
It’s no big surprise to hear Berry moving products on his radio show or during other time slots on KTRH.  But it was a big surprise to see that a local company wanted the radio guy to pitch their product on tv.  
That shows Berry is becoming or has become a brand and translates well to the small screen.  
Good luck MB and may you rake in that cash!