Ever since he was in a little boy, Fox 26 News reporter Isiah Carey has known what he wanted to do in life – work in television news. It’s that passion for telling stories, digging deeper, and bringing about change through his reporting that fuels Carey’s fire.

“I enjoy what I do so much,” Carey said, “just waking up and going to cover the news is all I’ve ever wanted to do since the third grade.”

Carey is one of Houston’s most well known reporters – a title that he still has a hard time accepting.

“I tend to try and cover the stories that people care about but I still have a ways to go to be Houston’s most well known reporter,” he said.
Known for relentlessly digging for the story, Carey prides himself on giving voice to the people – even if it means sometimes making people mad.

“When I look for a story, it has to make the hair on the back of my neck stand up. I want something that affects me, that affects others, not just what goes on in City Hall, but stories people will actually care about,” he said.

“Yes, I can catch a backlash sometimes, but that is a point of pride because they know I’m trying to get at the truth. While I work for a private company, I try to work for the people of Houston. I want to give them a voice. Not just a voice, but a bull horn.”

Carey has also taken his voice into the blogosphere – where his blog, the Insite, has become a go-to source for many seeking news and happenings in the Houston community.

“I started using it as my personal rant and from that, it took off and I realized that people wanted to hear more than just about news stories that they can get on TV or the newspaper. They want to hear about the back-story, or what doesn’t make the news, or what it took to cover the story. I had no idea that it would take it off like it did,” he said.

Carey started the blog in 2005 after getting an ugly email from the wife of a white firefighter.

“That email claimed I got the story about her husband and the fire department wrong. I wrote her a really nice note back and said, ‘I disagree with you, here are the facts.’ She wrote me back, saying ‘I appreciate you taking the time to respond and you really opened my eyes and I’d like to put it up on my blog. That’s what prompted me to start my own.”

Carey’s talents are not only recognized by members of the community. His station has even started a campaign promoting “The Isiah Factor.”

While Carey has received nationwide attention, the movie buff is content calling the Bayou City home.

“I’m enjoying Houston,” he said. “If I had to describe what I’m doing, take the most fun you’ve ever had in your life, college or high school, that’s me today. And right now, I’m fine in Houston, but who knows what’s next for me.”

ReShonda Tate Billingsley