A Harris County Sheriff’s deputy will soon be the target of an internal investigation.  He’s accused of brutally beating a man who called the sheriff’s department for help.

Jason Millon, 34, said someone was attempting to break into his Cypress area home when he called 911 last Thursday.

Millon and neighbors on Overmead Street said the deputy’s focus changed from the suspect they had in custody to Millon.

The deputy allegedly attacked Millon, physically and verbally, when he asked to press charges against the suspect who broke into his home.

Millon claims the deputy hit him in the head 3 times with a flashlight while he was in handcuffs.

Jason Millon and Activist Quanell X

So what did Millon do?  He turned to community activist Quanell X for help.  A man who’s known for taking up the causes of mainly African American residents in our area.

Once X heard the facts of the alleged assault he called the Insite and offered me the opportunity to tell Jason’s story.

X says, “it tells us…that police are beating the hell out of everybody.”

Quanell also directed Millon to the Harris County Sheriff’s office where he filed a complaint against the deputy who’s been with the force since 2002.

Brad Hurt, Millon’s neighbor, said he was also at the incident: both as a witness and a victim. Hurt claims the deputy handcuffed him and hurled offensive words at him, calling Hurt a “f****t” and a “piece of s***.”

Millon is hoping he will get some action against the deputy who was once voted an officer of the year by the 100 Club.

As far as we know that deputy remains on the streets today.

Christina Gaza, a spokeswoman for the department, confirmed Millon filed a complaint and the OIG will investigate.